Fort Worth Travel Guide

We took advantage of cooler weather this weekend and headed to Fort Worth for a few hours. Last month, my best friend from California came out to visit us, and she was sad to leave Dallas never seeing a single cowboy. If she comes out again I know exactly where to take her. We started our trip at the Fort Worth Water Gardens, had a lovely lunch at Woodshed Smokehouse, and finished up strolling Fort Worth’s Historic Stock Yards. Our day looked a little like this:



The menu at Woodshed Smokehouse. At least one component of each dish sees some kind of smoke. Once my food arrives I focus on the task at hand and I completely forget to photograph it. I’ll get the hang of this eventually.


We started with the young artichokes with parmesan and lemon. They’re marinated, smoked, braised, and then fried. They’re also delicious.


Pictured below are a half rack of the pork ribs. Woodshed knows how to cook Wilbur right.


Before I moved to Texas I never understood the hype that surrounded brisket. I totally get it now, and I had NO idea it could be so delicious.


Borracho beans braised in Sierra Nevada and peppered with chunks of smoky ham.


Then we headed to the stockyards.


Mosquitoes really love to bite my exposed flesh.


I think my next home will have one of these. Maybe.


I browsed this beautiful nugget while my partner in crime tried on cowboy hats. It will be making an appearance on my wish list soon.


Fiddling with the camera’s settings during a potty break.


I’d like to introduce you to Patron. He weighs somewhere between 1600-1700 pounds and was heading in to take a nap. He was nice enough to smile for the camera before his departure. Thanks, Patron. IMG_5326
















State Flag. Miniature ones topped the burgers at Woodshed Smokehouse. If I wasn’t such a wimp I would have snapped a couple of photos of other people’s food.




These mini cowboy boots were adorable. If I were made of money I would have bought a couple of pairs for my nephews.


And there you have it. We had a lovely low-key day exploring a different part of Texas.

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