Mixology Monday

Mixology Monday Smash Roundup


I really just want to thank everyone who smashed (and got smashed) during July’s Mixology Monday. I really had no idea this classic cocktail could be so fun, versatile, and refreshing.

We came, we smashed, and we concocted recipes. This month we saw various stone fruits, lots of different herbs, foraged wild berries and fruit plucked straight from farmers market stands and backyard gardens. Cocoa puffs, tomatoes, and sweet corn even made an appearance.

There are a lot of great drinks to cover, so let’s begin, shall we?

Christopher from Another Cocktail Blog really took the smash theme to heart and constructed his rendition of the Hulk Smash using Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa, a traditional Chinese throat and cough syrup. He even went a step further and offered a Winter Toddy version.


The Gin Is In created a drink called the Midnight Sun containing gin, aquavit, fresh thyme, mint leaves, and some lime for a refreshing yet herbaceous cocktail. This one seems bound to whet your whistle.


Mike at Sweet Tea and Bourbon wrestled up some beautifully plump nectarines and basil from his home garden and used bourbon to develop his Nectarine Basil Smash. If that doesn’t perfectly resemble fruits of the season, I don’t really know what does.


Marius of Arcane Potions came up with the Macassar Smash with pineapple, honey, spiced rum and tea. A refreshing and beautiful combination. I always love a pineapple drink that uses the leaves as a garnish.


The very kind man behind what continues to make this all possible, Fred of Mixology Monday and Cocktail Virgin Slut, basically made my dreams come true by infusing my adored breakfast cereal of choice with green chartreuse in his Cocoa Puff Smash. A truly original combo that will forever pleasingly taunt me in my food and beverage dreams.


Next up we have Shaun and Christa of Booze Nerds, who came up with two refreshing cocktails for this month’s theme. The first is the Hail Notos, a lovely beverage containing lemon basil and white rum. Tasting notes describe it as being light and refreshing.


They also doubled down on the botanicals and crafted a cocktail around lemon verbena and barrel aged gin called the Waggle Dance.


Nancy at The Bartenderess created the impossibly beautiful Bourbon Plum Smash with ginger simple syrup and fresh mint. I can’t wait to try this combination once plums hit the farmers market stands this summer.


Amanda at Mandibleblog created a Caribbean inspired Esperanza Smash containing Dominican rum, coconut water, limes, and mint. This drink sounds perfect, and I envision myself enjoying one while lying in a hammock and reading a good book.


Whitney at Tipicular Fixins hit the streets of Ontario for this month’s theme, and created a beautiful Foraged Mulberry Smash with mint, and white rum. I can’t remember the last time I saw mint so perfectly green. Oh, Texas.

m smash 6

The very lovely Andrea at Ginhound fresh off the plane from Tales of the Cocktail created a Lemon Cherry Cachaca Smash. Cherry liqueur, lavender syrup infused fresh lemon, and Pellegrino Limonata are just some of the ingredients that come out to play here. A great cocktail indeed.


Laura of the awesomely named Sass and Gin  created the Sylvan Smash with eucalyptus bitters, cucumber, thai basil and barrel aged gin. A cooling, refreshing cocktail perfect for the hot weather that lies ahead.


Joey at Rated R Cocktails came up with the Caribe Smash using demerera rum, pineapple syrup, sage, and orange bitters. While this is a departure from his usual Tiki fare, I really love the end result complete with perfect crushed ice.


Tartines to Tikis came up with the Gascon Smash. I was sold once I read Armagnac. Then there were plums. And an adorable frosty julep cup. Happiness and a trip down memory lane back to Southwestern France in a frosty glass.


The always dapper Joel at Southern Ash went savory and created the Marinara Smash with peak season tomatoes, basil, and garlic infused vodka. Think a refreshing Bloody Mary with tons of aromatics. What’s not to love about this?


Let’s all take a moment and give a warm welcome to Kate from Snowflake Kitchen. This is her first time participating in Mixology Monday. She crafted a beautiful Shiro Plum Rye Smash that straddles the sweet-sour fence and contains rosé wine, homemade rhubarb syrup, and sweet annie pollen. You had me at rosé, Kate!


Another first timer is Erin of the A1SeaChange blog. She created a Strawberry Rhubarb Shrub Smash and provided recipes for the Thyme Syrup, Rhubarb Puree, and Strawberry Rhubarb Shrub. Thanks for participating Erin, and welcome to the MxMo club!


Chris from A Bar Above  crafted The Silk Road, a smash that celebrates ripe pears, brandy (in his case cognac), shiso leaves, and Rooibos Chai tincture. In lieu of an image Chris has an awesome video on his site showing the finished drink. About 50 seconds in while providing the history behind the smash he had me truly panicking when I realized his story didn’t resemble my own. I really thought I got the history of this drink all wrong. Well played Chris. Well played.

Dinah from Bibulo.us created a variation on the modern classic The Gin Basil Smash called the Lion’s Nose. Her variation contains gin, basil, clove, and Cremé de Cacao.


K.Muse over at Feu de Vie came up with the aptly named The Gussied-up Rye-pirinha. Rye stands in for the cachaca with muddled blueberries, mint, and lemon. The tasting notes mention it’s a bit earthy and moody for a smash, which made me love it all that much more. 


The lovely Elana at Stir and Strain came up with a Sweet Corn and Strawberry Smash made with white rum. I love corn and fruit together, and it’s great to see it take form in a cocktail for this theme. Thanks for the great idea Elana!


Over at the egullet’s spirit and cocktail forum thread we had a couple of great submissions:

Haresfur in Australia created a Fizzy Raspberry Rosemary Smash for Two with anejo tequila.


KD1191 from New York created the “Who Needs Tales of the Cocktail?” Smash after being stuck at home while everyone else on his Twitter feed was in New Orleans having too much fun. A bright and bold combination of mescal, yellow chartreuse, blueberries and mint.

Finally, yours truly. I tried a lot of different combinations, and finally settled on this one for being not only beautiful, but also pretty delicious. The Fig and Rosemary Smash. I originally made this with bourbon, but fully intend to make it with cognac before summer’s end.


And there you have it ladies and gentlemen – one very successful smash roundup! I just want to thank all who participated and I want to give a huge thank you to Fred for keeping the dream alive and allowing me (a relative newbie) to play hostess this month!

This is the best online cocktail party on the planet! Now if only we could reach through the screen and drink all the things! I’m already looking forward to August. Until then, take care and keep creating and drinking great cocktails.

– Stacy Markow

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    That’s a lot of smashes! Wow! Thank you, Stacy and everyone!

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      Thanks so much for participating in the fun. I truly loved reading about everyone’s creation.

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