Denver Travel Guide

The second half of November turned out to be pretty busy. My husband had to travel north to Colorado for business, so I decided to tag along and explore the area. While the weather was pretty cold (thanks for that, polar vortex), I couldn’t get past how beautiful Colorado is. It was a winter wonderland.

I would like to pretend that I’m a museum, historical monument, and overall tourist attraction type of traveler. Really, I would, but I’m definitely not. I like to visit cities and explore their restaurant scene, and check out a few local bars and boutiques in the process. Colorado’s food scene is buzzing, and the meals we had there were easily the best we’ve had in quite some time.

Once we landed in Denver we checked out a couple of coffeehouses, visited The Source and had lunch at Acorn, and had a seriously (and I mean seriously) delicious dinner at Old Major.

We spent the following day in Boulder and did our best to take a scenic drive through the very frozen Flatiron mountains, enjoyed some lovely Neapolitan style pizza at Pizzeria Locale, and had an incredible final meal at Frasca Food and Wine. I still can’t get over how perfect that dinner was from start to finish. Both the service and food were utterly outstanding.

Here’s a peek of Colorado caught by my camera lens.

Colorado 2014-1 Colorado 2014-2 Colorado - The Source-1-2 Colorado - The Source-1 Colorado 2014-3 Colorado - The Source-1-3 Colorado 2014-5 Colorado 2014-6 Colorado 2014-7 Colorado 2014-8 Colorado 2014-10 Colorado 2014-11 Colorado 2014-13


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