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Green Chartreuse Smash


This month’s Mixology Monday theme, Burden of Proof, is hosted by Dagreb of the Nihil Utopia blog. The theme is using overproof (anything above 50% a.b.v.) in a cocktail.

I looked around my bar for something I could use, so I settled on Green Chartreuse. Green Chartreuse is a liqueur made by Carthusian Monks in the town of Grenoble, located at the foot of the French Alps in southeastern France.


The 400+ year old recipe is top secret, and is composed of distilled alcohol and a combination of 130 herbs, plants, and flowers. It’s unapologetically herbaceous and medicinal. I find myself reaching for it when I want to make a Last Word cocktail, or if I need something to sip on after a heavy multi-course meal. Next to a bitter Italian amaro, it’s my favorite stomach settler.

While brainstorming, a smash immediately came to mind, because I figured muddling mint and citrus would play well with Green Chartreuse. I’m happy to say it really did work well, taking Chartreuse from something I only reach for occasionally to a liqueur I will now reach for often.

I added a couple of jalapeño rings along with the mint to muddle, because this is Texas after all. I love the way the heat from the jalapeño lingered on my palate. I’m looking forward to playing around with this in the future, maybe adding thai chili and basil, or yuzu juice and shiso.


Green Chartreuse Smash


  • 6 fresh mint leaves
  • 2 jalapeño rings
  • ¼ ounce simple syrup
  • 1 ounce fresh lime juice
  • 2 ounces Green Chartreuse


Muddle mint leaves, jalapeño rings, and ¼ ounce simple syrup in a Boston shaker until the mint is highly aromatic. Add lime juice, Green Chartreuse and ice and shake. Double strain into an old-fashioned glass full of crushed ice. Serve immediately.


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