Mexico City

As a kid growing up in California, Mexico and Mexican culture always felt as much like home to me as anything American. I spent the better part of my youth consuming spicy food, and spending weekends crossing the border to Tijuana and small fishing villages off the coast of Baja.

Getting older, and residing in Texas now, I’m grateful to have been raised in a place with such an awareness of Mexico’s ancient, incredible culture. When my uncle called me last fall and said he was making his way down to Mexico City, I jumped at the opportunity to join him.

It’s always fun to visit a place with people who know their way around. After my uncle graduated from college, he worked for an American company based in Mexico City, and it’s where he met his wife. They live in San Diego now, but they return to visit her family often, since they live near the capitol.

Visiting the largest and most complex metropolis was a divine eye opener. I spent my life being told the city was sketchy and not one to visit on your own, but nobody mentioned how cultural, cosmopolitan,  and stunningly beautiful it is. While unbelievably crowded, it never felt hectic or crazy. The food – my goodness the food – was out of this world delicious. I’m already planning my return trip.

Here are some snapshots of the city from my camera lens.
DSC_0176 DSC_0559 DSC_0531 DSC_0444

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    August 16, 2016 at 10:22 PM

    Your reaction to the city is very similar to mine. My concerns about safety had me debating for weeks if I should go at all. And being an introvert, I expected that the never ending crowds would drain my energy. Instead I felt safe nearly everywhere we ventured. I also found myself infatuated with the sites and sounds and inexplicably energized by the crowds. Like you, I am already thinking of when I might be able to go back and explore the city in more depth.

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