Thinking About A Banquette

e38d403088361fbdc1297b360fc081beHappy Tuesday. Let’s just jump right in and talk about my problem child, my kitchen.

Buying a house happened quickly for us. After spending over a year saving up the down payment, we saw maybe six houses over the course of two days before we found our home. The house is great, but it was newly remodeled, and the decisions they made were kind of bizarre. We have a waterfall granite counter right next to the ugliest peel and stick linoleum flooring I’ve ever seen. I’m convinced they ran out of money.

We’re a few months out from making any improvements to the room, but the one idea I’ve had since we first looked at the place is that the kitchen needs a banquette, amongst other things.

Right now, the space looks a little bit like this:

Now that doorway leads out to the garage. It’s where we park, so everyday when I come home from work, this empty space is what I walk into. I love these chairs and want to keep them in the new design, but the arms are making it difficult, since they’re higher than most tabletops. If they stick out they’ll block the doorway. Not good.

Another issue is the vent. This is the first house I’ve lived in where the vents are near the floorboards, and not near the ceiling. It makes furniture placement a challenge. When we do a banquette here, it’s gotta clear the vent, not block it. I think our best bet is an upholstered piece with legs.

I imagine an L shaped banquette tucking under the window and putting a narrow table and two chairs on the other side like some of these inspiration photos:

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If you have any banquette wisdom please share. I’d love to hear your thoughts, or challenges you ran into if you have any experience with putting a banquette in your own kitchen.

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