Mixology Monday

Mixology Monday Digestif Roundup

I really just want to thank everyone who joined me this month and shared some original recipes, and some of their favorite digestif cocktails with us for Mixology Monday. Amaro played a large role this round, in addition to some whiskeys, overproof spirits, coffee, and even some Aquavit with a curry powder simple syrup.

Here’s a roundup of this month’s submissions:

Craig E. over on the Egullet forum created the Notte Bene with Spanish Brandy, Amaro CioCiaro, Vecchio Amaro del Capo garnished with a generous lemon twist and brandied cherry.


Fred Yarm of the Cocktail Virgin Slut blog made The Bitter Swagger from Brad Parson’s Amaro book. A riff on a Pisco Sour, the drink contains Amaro Nardini, Pisco, Cocchi Americano, Lemon Juice, and an Egg white.


Forrest Cokley from the A Drink with Forrest Blog came up with two drinks to celebrate our Digestif theme, the first one being the Jamaican Valet, with Rum Fire Overproof Rum, Amargo-Vallet, lime juice, and simple syrup. His second cocktail, the Heated Conversation also contained Rum Fire overproof Rum, Fino Sherry, and Amaro Montenegro.



Adam over at Mr. Muddle created the Prison Tattoo with Ramazzotti, Averna, Ginger Liqueur and Rock and Rye.


Michael over at the Drunken Diplomacy blog created the savory Golden Compass with Aquavit, Curry Powder Simple Syrup, and Gin.

Katie over at the Garnish Girl blog made her favorite disgestif served at SRV in Boston, The Innocents Abroad with Fighting Cock Bourbon, Amaro Nonino, Gran Classico, and Kina L’Aero D’Or.


Gary of Doc Elliott blog made two creamy drinks, the Danny Boy, and the Coffee Amaro Flip. The Danny Boy contains cold brew coffee syrup, Tullamore Dew Special Reserve 12 year, Licor 43, and Montenegro. The Coffee Amaro Flip contains White Rum, Amaro Nino, Cream, Simple Syrup, Coffee Liqueur and a whole egg.


Lastly, yours truly. I created the Betsy Ross and the Flag by swapping in Madeira for the Ruby Port called for in the recipe.


And there you have it. Our Mixology Monday roundup. Thanks for participating.

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