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Community Beer Company Tour and Tasting

Last month I reached out to Community Beer  to organize a tour and tasting for our staff.

We visited their facility last Sunday. They were kind enough to open their doors to us outside their normal business hours. We were closed in honor of the Super Bowl (although I like to think it was for my birthday) :)

We started out by tasting our way through their beer list, and finishing up with a tour of the brewery. Some of our staff members brew beer in their free time, but seeing the process of a large-scale operation up close is always cool.

Community is relatively new to the craft beer scene, and they officially opened their doors a little over three years ago. Before that, Dallas had some archaic wet-dry laws that prohibited the sale of alcohol in most parts, and the state had on premise laws and direct sale laws that made it impossible for craft breweries to thrive.

Since opening their doors they’ve been unstoppable, racking up award after award for their beers. They’ve managed to create a business that also gives back to the community through charitable activities.

I learned a few things on the tour that I didn’t know before:

  • Cans are best for protecting beer from U.V. light. Clear or green glass bottles don’t protect against it, which is why some beers packaged that way can give off a skunky flavor and aroma. This is the reason Corona is packaged in clear bottles, that skunk is a part of its charm.
  • Community is one of the few breweries with a microbiologist on staff. They propagate their own strains of yeast, which allows them to experiment with different styles.
  • Funnel Cake Ale is really delicious straight from the tank. Beer doesn’t get any fresher than that.

One point I’m trying to drive home with our staff is for them to be more cognizant consumers. I want them to support smaller breweries (and family winemakers) over corporate beverages. By meeting the people behind the business and formulating new relationships, I’m hoping it will encourage them to spend their drinking dollars a bit more wisely.

If you ever find yourself in Dallas, definitely check Community Beer out. Their facility is located in the Design District area of Dallas.

And a big THANK YOU to Corey, Ashley, and Bailie for hosting us. We had a great time.



Bottle Logic Brewing

1913348_639278659472442_842557660_oI was in California this week for a family member’s memorial service. I spent an afternoon in Anaheim visiting my mom at work, and happened to pass by Bottle Logic on my way.

That afternoon my four month old niece stopped by for a visit, and completely lost her shit when she woke up from her nap. When the crying fits approached the one-hour mark, my lack of parenting skills became clear, and I took a walk down to Bottle Logic to escape the chaos.

I noticed a food truck setting up outdoors, and plenty of cars outside, so I made my way to their tasting room that and bought a couple of large format beers to take back to my best friend’s house as a gift.

I picked up a large format bottle of their Recursion 7.0 IPA for her husband, and a bottle of their Tattered Prince French style Saison for us to share.

1623332_639268149473493_1678170647_nAfter tasting both of these bottles, Bottle Logic is THE brewery to watch. California has no shortage of craft beer options, but those two beers were completely balanced and delicious. More often than not, I find that craft beers can be out of balance, with beers coming across as too high in alcohol, and too bitter on the palate. Being a professional that pairs food with beverages, I was seriously impressed. These two beers were stylistically delicious, and some of the better ones I’ve tried in a long time.

The Recursion 7.0 IPA (which I’ll be the first to admit: I lived in the Pacific Northwest for seven years, but this has never been a style I’ve favored) was still delicious even after having been open for 12 hours. It had a strong citrus peel flavor and aroma, but a mellow bitterness that made it clean and easy to drink, which is no easy feat considering the style.

DSC_0189The Tattered Prince Saison is made with Sorachi Ace hops. Sorachi Ace hops originated in Japan, and are known for providing a unique lemon and dill flavor and aroma. The addition of orange peel, coriander, and ginger waft out of the glass, and citrus and spice linger on the finish. It’s a great beer.

Dylan mentioned that their Fundamental Observation Imperial Stout is number 14 on Beer Advocate’s site as one of the best beers in the world. That’s a serious accolade, considering how unbelievably picky most beer reviewers are.

I’m glad I discovered them while in town to visit family. I plan to return and purchase more bottles to take home. Everyone at work would love them.


**First two photos were taken from Bottle Logic’s Facebook page, which you can find here. All other photos were taken by yours truly.