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Passionfruit Gimlet

A few weeks ago I enjoyed this drink while celebrating a friend’s new job at Victor Tangos. I love passionfruit, and this cocktail was fruity and refreshing. I knew more of them would be in my future. So when…


Clover Club

This pre-Prohibition cocktail classic is believed to be one of Philadelphia’s contribution to cocktail history. It’s so beloved that there’s a bar in Brooklyn named after it. Clover Club Ingredients: 2 ounces gin 3/4 ounce raspberry syrup (you can…


C’Bus 75

When life provides you with pears, make this Riesling Poached Pear Sorbet with them. When you have a less than amazing day, grab a coupe and add some Cognac and Champagne to it. Et Voila, the C’Bus 75. I…


Mexican Firing Squad

I’m talking about the classic cocktail here, and not the real thing. This all started with grenadine. A few weeks ago, I made a pretty big batch of it (I used this recipe here and it turned out wonderful), and since…


Elderflower Gin and Tonic

I first learned about Jack Rudy Cocktail Company on my trip to Charleston. When I began making different types of bitters for my home bar, I debated making my own tonic syrup. I already had quinine in my possession,…

Cocktails Drinks

Ciderhouse Whiskey Cocktail

Last fall, I reduced apple cider to make a glaze for these Apple Cider Doughnuts, and I did it again this year for a seasonal take on a Bourbon cocktail. Combining Bourbon and apples just feels right to me. I…

Snow Leopard Vodka-3

Fall Apple and Pear Cocktail

I consider vodka a gateway spirit. It’s neutral flavor lends itself well to mixing with just about any type of liquid, and this versatility allows cocktail enthusiasts to experiment while developing an understanding for balance. A few weeks ago I…

Mint Julep 2

Mint Julep

I think this post is out of season (I should have written about it sometime in May), but I spent most of my summer enjoying this cocktail over and over again. I felt compelled to tell you about it.…