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What’s In My Wine Bag

This week was a busy one. It’s coined in the industry as OND (October, November, and December). The busiest time of the year. The Holidays. A time for celebration. People are spending money on restaurants, good wines, and good…


What’s in My Wine Bag

About three months ago I left my restaurant job and took a sales position with a small wine distributor based out of Houston. My job is simple; work with an already established Sales Manager and help grow the market…


Favorite Dallas Wine Shops

When people find out I’m a wine professional, the most frequently asked questions I get are “Will you teach me about wine?” and “Where’s a good place to buy wine in Dallas?” I think the answer to the last…

Drinks Wine

Vin de Pamplemousse

I love Lillet. It’s spring in a bottle; the flowers are in bloom, the winter chill is gone, the sun is shining, and I can enjoy the outdoors before it starts to get really hot. When I first came…

Travel Wine

Trisaetum Winery

Trisaetum (the winery’s name is a hybrid of their children’s names) was our last stop in the Willamette Valley. The sun finally peeked out the afternoon we visited their winery. I don’t know what it is, but when the…

Travel Wine

Maysara Winery

Visiting wineries now that I work in the wine industry adds an interesting dynamic to the visit. I find myself asking tons of  questions about farming methods, yeast strains, annual production numbers, and if they’re looking for interns for next…

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Thanksgiving Wine Guide

Pairing wines with a holiday meal freaked me out before I studied wine. To be honest, pairing wine and food in general still makes me a bit nervous. Some ideas sound amazing in your head, and when you try…

Travel Wine

Brooks Winery

When I was young, a wise co-worker once told me that your 20’s are a terrible time, and your 30’s are amazing by comparison. I’m sure she was trying to make me feel better because I had just been dumped,…