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Breakfast & Brunch

Breakfast & Brunch

Cornflake Crusted French Toast

While having brunch a couple of weeks ago with some friends, I found myself struggling to choose between two delicious yet different dishes: the Duck Egg Shakshuka, and the Cornflake Crusted French Toast. Did I want savory or sweet?…

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Breakfast & Brunch Desserts

Apple Cider Doughnuts

Last week was the second installment of National Doughnut Day. Celebrated twice a year – once in June and again in November – it’s a day to channel your inner fat kid and go nuts for the bliss that…

Breakfast & Brunch


This past weekend North Texas was hit with a pretty serious ice storm. Below freezing temperatures prohibited the ice from melting, and we were without power for about 24 hours. I spent that day cuddled up on the sofa…