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Smoked Salt Cookies-3

Smoked Salt and Pepper Shortbread Cookies

Shortbread cookies are undoubtedly a favorite of mine. They require three to four ingredients at most, and I usually always have them in my kitchen. My nephews love these cookies, so when I see them we frequently make a batch…


Citrus Arbequina Olive Oil Cakes

Some cakes really need no introduction, and this just happens to be one of them. This cake is a tried and true favorite of mine, and it hails from one of my very beloved baking books, Rustic Fruit Desserts.…


“Baked” Spicy Brownies

I know, I know – a brownie recipe fresh off of resolution time isn’t exactly on everyone’s must eat list. Juice cleanses, new gym memberships, and bathing suit season are all most of us can even think about. I…


Roasted Pumpkin Butter

Autumn could easily be my favorite time of the year; the leaves begin to turn, a gentle chill hits the air, and some of my beloved ingredients hit their peak harvest time. Pumpkin is symbolic with the season. Its…

Desserts Food

Brown Butter Apple Crisp

When it comes to the sweet stuff in life, I’m a fruit dessert kind of gal. Give me a cobbler, crisp, or a piece of fruit pie over a piece of chocolate cake any day of the week. Last…


Fresh Berries and Zabaglione

Classic Zabaglione – the way I learned to make it – always contains the same proportions of eggs, sugar, and Marsala. I didn’t have a good Marsala on hand so I used a fine 10 year Malmsey Madeira in…


Fig Honey Cream Galette

I’m an avid cookbook collector with hundreds of books at my disposal. When people ask for gift ideas I ask for cookbooks, and that collection is expanding to wine and cocktails. Even with a collection as sizable as mine,…