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Pencil Reed Bamboo Furniture


I can’t think of another material I’m having a newfound love affair with right now more than pencil reed bamboo. I find myself checking every thrift store in the city, and running a daily search for it on Craigslist.

The material was a staple of 1970’s and 1980’s design originally constructed by famed Italian designer Gabriella Crespi. While my style falls into being a mix of mid-century and eclectic boho, I love the refined, warm organic element it adds to every space.

Here are some of my favorite pieces I’ve found around the net, with my heart especially set on the lamps and nightstands.





Dining Room Progress

A few months ago I wrote about some possible design plans for our dining room, and I wanted to do a full reveal of the room including sources for all of the items we purchased for the space.

Life has a funny way of happening to prevent things like this, so I thought I would leave you with this little progress photo of how the room looks now. See that fiddle leaf fig in the corner, he’s going to be replaced in a couple of weeks because he’s a shell of his former self. This home + high maintenance plants do not mix.

The chandelier is from Park Studio LA, the wall color is Benjamin Moore’s AF-560 Flint, the dining table is from Restoration Hardware, the chairs are vintage from a dear friend of mine (I found them at her grandmother’s pre estate sale last year and had the seats recovered), the benches are from World Market, the rug is vintage Kilim from Turkey, and the shelves in the back are the Vittsjo shelves from Ikea. All of the shelving accessories are vintage pieces I’ve acquired from thrift stores and estate sales, and food and wine books I’ve collected over the years.

The room is far from finished (in my mind, nothing is ever finished), but I’m happy with where it’s at.



Danielle Oakey Shop

My name is Stacy and I have this thing with textiles from far away places.

I posted a photo of our current living room design last week on Instagram, and the space is starting to come together, for the most part. The room is far from finished. My first task is finally ordering new pillows for our sofas, so when I stumbled across Danielle Oakey’s Shop last week while searching for mudprints on Etsy, I immediately fell in love with the designs.

Here are some of my favorite pillows from her shop. Pillow inserts are sold separately, but Restoration Hardware sells really full and fluffy pillow inserts that are reasonably priced (for Restoration Hardware, that is).


20×20 Black African Mudcloth Pillow Case – $69


20″ x 20″ White & Black African Mudcloth Pillow Case – $69


20×20 Indigo African Pillow Cover – $79


14×20 Indigo African Pillow Cover – $65


18×18 Vintage Hmong Pillow Case – $79


18×18 Black African Mudcloth Pillow Case – $65


 22×22 Indigo African Mudcloth Pillow Cover – $89


Emmy Rossum’s Apartment

What do you get when you take a talented, wise beyond her years actress, Brooklyn based interior designer Antonio Buzzetta, and combine it with a pied-á-teardown apartment in New York City? You get an unmistakably beautiful, fresh take on Antique European style.

The transformation is just stunning. It’s the kind of apartment you never knew that you always wanted to live in.

According to Elle Decor, what Rossum wanted, she told Brooklyn based designer Antonio Buzzetta, was “chic, European, the look of a modern girl who has inherited her grandmother’s stuff. I wanted it to have a young energy, but with old-fashioned touches,” she says. Her own taste is radically different from her mother’s. Her childhood home, she reports, was white and gray with low-slung Italian furniture, a streamlined environment with virtually no decorative accessories.

If you want to read the whole story and check out the before photos visit the full Elle Decor story here.










Thinking About A Banquette

e38d403088361fbdc1297b360fc081beHappy Tuesday. Let’s just jump right in and talk about my problem child, my kitchen.

Buying a house happened quickly for us. After spending over a year saving up the down payment, we saw maybe six houses over the course of two days before we found our home. The house is great, but it was newly remodeled, and the decisions they made were kind of bizarre. We have a waterfall granite counter right next to the ugliest peel and stick linoleum flooring I’ve ever seen. I’m convinced they ran out of money.

We’re a few months out from making any improvements to the room, but the one idea I’ve had since we first looked at the place is that the kitchen needs a banquette, amongst other things.

Right now, the space looks a little bit like this:

Now that doorway leads out to the garage. It’s where we park, so everyday when I come home from work, this empty space is what I walk into. I love these chairs and want to keep them in the new design, but the arms are making it difficult, since they’re higher than most tabletops. If they stick out they’ll block the doorway. Not good.

Another issue is the vent. This is the first house I’ve lived in where the vents are near the floorboards, and not near the ceiling. It makes furniture placement a challenge. When we do a banquette here, it’s gotta clear the vent, not block it. I think our best bet is an upholstered piece with legs.

I imagine an L shaped banquette tucking under the window and putting a narrow table and two chairs on the other side like some of these inspiration photos:

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If you have any banquette wisdom please share. I’d love to hear your thoughts, or challenges you ran into if you have any experience with putting a banquette in your own kitchen.


Dining Room Design

Now that we have moved in and unpacked, we are beginning the process of decorating our space.

I reached out to Homepolish and was matched up with Dallas designer Jordan Madison. I love her. She’s amazing, and has already come up with some beautiful designs for our home.

She’s working on our living room and dining room, and I wanted to share some concept ideas she came up with for our dining room.

The space is really large at 12 feet x 20 feet. Since I love cooking and having friends over, I told her to go big with the design, so we could host large holiday gatherings with family and wine dinners with friends.

One of the things I love most about Jordan is her willingness to use what I already own. I scored six antique chairs and an oak console table I planned to use as a home bar from a friend earlier this year, and she’s incorporated them into the design.

She proposed these three concepts for the dining room with those items in mind, along with a 10 foot Restoration Hardware Flatiron Rectangular Dining Table. When it came to finding a large table of this size, this was easily the most affordable and well made of the bunch. We were really open to any ideas she had, my only request was for some color on the walls.

Here’s what she came up with:

Concept One
Dark gray walls with a hint of blue; Playing off the blue with the icy velvet benches; White table to contrast; Pop of brass from the light fixture.

Dining Room Concept 1

Concept Two
Airy blue walls; Bright mustard benches; Mixed materials light fixture; Table can either have a white or zinc base

Dining Room 2
Concept Three
Dark emerald walls – almost read black in some lighting; Bright mustard benches; Smoked glass light fixture
Dining Room

Which one did we choose? You’ll have to wait and see. Which one is your favorite?


Style Crush: Peppermint Bliss

Houston based designer Bailey McCarthy is no stranger to the internet design world.

Her makeovers have been featured all over the internet, and for good reason. Her meticulous eye for design and use of color has me completely mesmerized. Jewel tones, lots of patterns, luxurious fabrics, and her ballsy use of black is making me reconsider my love of macrame and pastel rooms. Her work is dripping with style.

She’s the designer behind the blog Peppermint Bliss, and the preppy chic bedding line Biscuit Home. I’m planning to visit her flagship store to buy the most adorable pineapple tumblers when I head to Houston later this year.

If I had the ultimate pleasure of hiring an interior designer myself she would be at the TOP of a very short list. For now, I’ll just admire her style from a distance.

Without further ado, feast your eyes on Bailey’s work.

IMG_1671-copy-e13608515013551.-Kitchen-e1365625524245 Shot_05_035-copy Shot_07_048-copy5N2A7642-e1384138139136 Shot_25_189-copy Shot_15_091-copy 5e71aab1c59dd404109dea72d466d63a 5fbc0646bd7017ad44e12a42a77e8b01 c1171ee72f76dd05f0dbcbd321312a19


All the photos above are from her blog.

Here’s a few snaps of the Eclectic L.A. Home she designed on My Domaine. This inspires me to paint our peacock chair turquoise!

main.original.640x0c main-5.original.640x0c main-4.original.640x0c main-3.original.640x0c main-2.original.640x0c main-1.original.640x0c


Colorful Two-Toned Kitchens


via brownstoner

If you would have asked me a few years ago what my dream kitchen would look like, I would just scream WHITE. MY KITCHEN WILL BE WHITE.

House hunting has me both disillusioned and maddened, and it’s because of ALL. THE. BEIGE. I know I’m going to end up buying a fixer upper. There’s just no way around that (small budget + hot market = lots of sweat equity on my part). You know what sucks though?  Finding a house at the very top of your budget that’s been redone but doesn’t look like it. Wanna know why it doesn’t look like it’s been done? Because the entire thing is beige.

Now that’s a bummer.

I don’t know much, but I do know this: beige sucks so hard. It’s one of the most unflattering and boring colors on the planet. And people love to decorate with it, which I’ll never understand. I would much rather you not touch it than to paint the entire house beige and throw an extra $25K on the price tag.

Paint it white, shit, paint it gray. Just don’t paint it khaki. You feel me?

Now that I’ve expressed my disdain for beige, I feel better. I’ve also moved on from the all white kitchen to two toned kitchen, and kitchens with colorful cabinetry. Darker cabinets on the bottom. Open shelving and lighter cabinets on the top. Throw in a statement stove, some interesting tile, a vintage kitchen rug, and some copper pots and I’m swooning all the way over to your place to cook dinner, and not clean up afterward.

Don’t believe me? Take a look and decide for yourself.


via Emily Henderson


via Western Living Magazine


via burlap and blue


via luxe source
kitchen_after_emily-henderson-blue-white-brass-lighting-overall-1via Emily Henderson 


via Frank Roop Design Interiors


via Elements of Style


via Elements of Style