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Dallas Craigslist Furniture Finds

I’m helping a co-worker redecorate her apartment, so we have both been on Craigslist lately looking for good vintage items for her space. She’s not one to shy away from color (she has some of the most fun, colorful…


The Citizenry

A few weeks ago while browsing the internet for a long body pillow for our bed, I came across an interior goods brand I had never heard of before, but found myself immediately captivated with their line. The Citizenry,…


Judy Aldridge’s Thrift Store Makeover

Finding inspiration to completely overhaul your home is an easy task on the Internet, because there are so many beautiful homes to model your own space after. Local Dallas style icon Judy Aldridge of Atlantis Home recently gave her…

Decor Life

My Sister’s Baby Shower

Man, I’m exhausted. That baby shower was a lot of work, and I left the heavy lifting to the wonderful crew at Cafe Hidalgo. What’s ironic is the stuff I spent the most amount of time and effort on were…


Baby Shower Inspiration

I’m going to be an aunt! My little sister is expecting her first child this September. I can’t wait to meet my niece, spoil her rotten, and watch her grow up. I love her so much already. I’m making…


One Month In…

We’ve been in our new place for a little over a month now, and I think our new home is really starting to come together. At first I was in a huge rush to get the place done, but I…


Outdoor Living Inspiration and Progress

One of the biggest perks of our new apartment next to the massive island that overlooks the living room is the outdoor space. Compared to adjacent buildings with outdoor areas, our space is pretty huge. It’s also the only…


Art by Cozamia

I’m torn about what type of art I’m going to hang above our sofa in the living room. The wall is beige, which makes my boxy, mid-century sofa just blend into it. Believe me when I say my next…