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Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit

Right on Upper King street is the cutest little shop, selling grab and go biscuits studded with country ham, pimiento cheese, and sweet cream ones with cinnamon or blackberries. We stopped at Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit while making our way on…

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Favorite Charleston Bars

Charleston isn’t a large city by any stretch of the imagination, but it has a lot of bars. Whether you like craft beer, Miller Lite, rare vintage wines, or craft cocktails, there’s a spot in Charleston for everyone. The…

Desserts Travel

Sugar Bakeshop in Charleston

  While heading to lunch on Cannon Street in Charleston we passed by Sugar Bakeshop. We decided to stop in and grab a cupcake and some coffee. I believe a truly great meal begins and ends with dessert. We refer…


Charleston Travel Guide

Earlier this week we visited Charleston to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary. Where does the time go? We were taken aback by the city’s rich history, which is one of the longest and most diverse in the United…


Five Places I Want To Go In 2016

It’s no secret that I love to travel. Whether embarking on trips abroad or in the U.S., it’s the only thing I do that makes me feel like I’m really living instead of merely existing. The pure act of it…

Travel Wine

Trisaetum Winery

Trisaetum (the winery’s name is a hybrid of their children’s names) was our last stop in the Willamette Valley. The sun finally peeked out the afternoon we visited their winery. I don’t know what it is, but when the…

Travel Wine

Maysara Winery

Visiting wineries now that I work in the wine industry adds an interesting dynamic to the visit. I find myself asking tons of  questions about farming methods, yeast strains, annual production numbers, and if they’re looking for interns for next…

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Brooks Winery

When I was young, a wise co-worker once told me that your 20’s are a terrible time, and your 30’s are amazing by comparison. I’m sure she was trying to make me feel better because I had just been dumped,…