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Crawfish Boil

A couple years ago in wine school, I ended up meeting someone who has quickly become one of my very best friends. Lara’s originally from Dallas, but moved back here from New Orleans with her husband to be closer to her family.

She loves crawfish, but found most of the restaurants that prepared it in Dallas to be disappointing. Lara’s husband is Cajun, and he’s also a chef, so they decided to invest in the equipment and host an annual Crawfish Boil at their home.

They moved into a new apartment earlier this year, and lost their amazing outdoor space, so we decided to keep the tradition rolling at our home now that we had a backyard. We purchased five sacks, a whole lot of lemons, potatoes, celery, sausage, corn on the cob, garlic, and onions.

What I found interesting is the crawfish didn’t boil it at all. Jason let the water come up to temperature, added the boil seasoning and aromatics, lowered the crawfish into the pot, and cut the heat so it slowly poached. We decked out the tables in plastic and newspapers for easy cleanup.

We split the cost of the food 50/50, and we asked everyone to bring their own booze. We provided some water and sodas for the kids. Some people brought beer, others brought wine and liquor.

The weather was perfect. I’m already looking forward to next year.   








Pencil Reed Bamboo Furniture

I can’t think of another material I’m having a newfound love affair with right now more than pencil reed bamboo. I find myself checking every thrift store in the city, and running a daily search for it on Craigslist.…

Mixology Monday

Mixology Monday Digestif Roundup

I really just want to thank everyone who joined me this month and shared some original recipes, and some of their favorite digestif cocktails with us for Mixology Monday. Amaro played a large role this round, in addition to some whiskeys,…

Mixology Monday

Betsy Ross and the Flag

Here’s a digestif cocktail perfect for this month’s Mixology Monday. No, the famed flag-maker Betsy Ross did not create this boozy-based number. I think it’s delicious, nonetheless. I first came across the Betsy Ross cocktail this afternoon while flipping…


Key Lime Bars

I made these bars last Spring when I spotted key limes for the first time at the supermarket. They’re a little out of character for me this time of year (this is pumpkin spice season after all), but key…


Passionfruit Gimlet

A few weeks ago I enjoyed this drink while celebrating a friend’s new job at Victor Tangos. I love passionfruit, and this cocktail was fruity and refreshing. I knew more of them would be in my future. So when…


Happy Halloween

I dressed up this year as Rosie the Riveter to celebrate a friend’s birthday on Saturday night. It was an affordable DIY costume that mostly used stuff I already owned. When I started googling some info on putting the…